Sudan Wind Atlas 2018 Workshop

Presentation workshop about the development of Sudan Wind Atlas 2018 was held in MWRIE HQ by EMD International A/S. The participants included the wind energy project stakeholders and representatives from Sudanese Universities, governmental institutions, research centers and private sector. The workshop followed by a two-days training workshop in Corinthia hotel for fifty wind energy specialists … Read more

Signing The Contract For Preparation Of Sudan Wind Atlas

Date: 05 September 2018 A contract for the preparation of Sudan wind Atlas was signed by Mr. Mosa Omar Abul-Qasim, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, in the presence of the Director of the General Department of Renewable and Alternative Energy and the Director of the Wind Energy Project on 17 … Read more

The 6th Project Board Meeting

Venue: Conference room of the MWRIE The meeting reviewed the project progress performance for the last period and approved the working plan for the year 2018. The outcome of the Mid-term review report and the possibilities to go forward to implement the baseline project was also discussed in the meeting.  

Tender Selection Process Meeting

Tender FOR THE PREPARATION OF SUDAN WIND ATLAS which was advertised on 6/2/2018 was closed today at 12:30 pm 13/3/2018. A high committee is formed from the Ministry of Irrigation, Water Resources and Electricity, National Center for Energy Research, Ministry of Oil and Gas and Wind Energy Project to review and complete the tender process. … Read more

Regional Study Tour To Egypt

The study tour was arranged by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE). The objectives of the tour is to get the lesson learned from Egyptian Renewable Energy Sector experience in the field of RE policy and regulations beside the operation and maintenance of power plants. The participants are from the National … Read more

Workshop About Renewable Energy Curricula In Sudanese Universities And Institutes

Venue: Alsharigah Hall, University of Khartoum Presentation of the report prepared by the WEP National Consultant University of Khartoum Consultancy Corporation (UKCC) about the current renewable energy curriculum and programs in Sudanese universities and institutes and to raise the capacity of higher education institutions in the fields of renewable energy through the development of educational … Read more

The 5th Project Board Meeting

The major objective of this meeting is to prepare for the Mid-Term review that the project will undergo on the next week (16 – 20 Oct. 2017) The meeting reviewed the project Progress performance for the Period (April 2015 – September 2017), and discussed the efforts exerted by MWRIE to implement the baseline project. The … Read more


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