Project Outcomes

Sudan currently has plans to develop utility-scale wind farms in three regions, Dongola (100MW) in the North, Nyala (20MW) in the West and the Red Sea coastal region (180MW). The project has four outcomes:


Support the implementation of the first wind farm in Sudan in Dongola which will align the wind farm ...

Policy & Regulatory

The project will also establish the policy and regulatory frameworks for encouraging private...

Resource Mapping

Wind Resource mapping to produce a wind map for Sudan with main focus on target...


Documentation and sharing of lessons learned is an integral part of the project...

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This is a UNDP-implemented, GEF-financed initiative designed to support removal of barriers to the adoption of utility-scale grid connected wind energy in Sudan.

This project will follow a system approach to integrate energy policy analysis within the broader developmental objectives and establish policy and regulatory frameworks for encouraging private investments in grid-connected wind energy. Sudan currently has plans to develop utility-scale wind farms in three regions, Dongola (100MW) in the North, Nyala (20MW) in the West and the Red Sea coastal region (180MW).

Project Timeline

The project is expected to last 60 months. The project activities are implemented by an independent project management unit which is responsible for the annual and quarterly planning in line with the project document, implementation of the planned activities as per the agreed time schedule which is subject to prior approvals of project board.

April 2015

Year 1

Establishment of project management system. Review of existing information on renewable energy standards, policies, and regulation and wind measurements. Identify gaps and means for addressing them. Review the status of the implementation of the pilot wind farm in Dongola Implement capacity development programs on wind resource mapping, development of policies and project management.

Year 2

Development of wind map for Sudan. Technical study on the grid integration of the Dongola pilot wind farm. Design and implementation of grid integration system for the pilot wind farm. Capacity development on the implementation of the pilot wind farm. Scio-economic and environmental study of the pilot wind farm

Year 3

Evaluation of the socio-economic and environmental impact of the pilot wind farm. Develop technical and environmental standards for wind farms in Sudan. Continue capacity development on technical, policy and regulatory system.

Year 4

Develop investment plan for wind energy in Sudan. Assist in the creation of a one-stop-shop for investment in wind energy within the ministry of Water Resources and Electricity. Implement capacity development program on wind farm design and implementation. Documentation of lessons learned on wind mapping, wind farm planning, construction and operation.

Year 5

Assist in the marketing of wind energy program in the Red Sea to potential investors. Evaluation of project activities, documentation and sharing lessons learned among local and regional actors in wind energy. 

April 2020

Our Team

Each and every one of our staff represent the spirit of our project: driven, committed, and passion. We go beyond our target with diverse experience and highly skilled personnel.


Hind Elamin Elnor

Project Manager

Khalid Mohammed Ahmed

Project Engineer

Tarig Tagalasfia G. Ahmed

Project Engineer

Ahmed Osman Elamin

Project Engineer

Amira Taha

Project Accountant

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